Reshaping Medical Education in a Post-Pandemic World

Embrace strategies to improve the future of healthcare.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused incomparable stress in healthcare systems, medical education institutions, and professional organizations, stretching across the entire healthcare workforce of students, residents, and physicians. Areas that faced tremendous challenges included community healthcare access, organizational staffing issues, and worker mental wellness. While both public health emergency and national emergency declarations ended in May 2023, there are many obstacles to be addressed as we support the career pathway for current and future physicians.  

The Reshaping Medical Education in a Post-Pandemic World eBook extensively discusses not only the past challenges from the pandemic, but current obstacles faced by both undergraduate and graduate medical education institutions, as well as the students, residents, and physicians.  

The eBook explores how to navigate:   

  • Preparation for residency 
  • Addressing bias in medical education 
  • Structural changes to medical education testing 
  • Ensuring successful matriculation and residency matching 
  • Lower level of communication skills in residents 
  • Negative impact from the USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1 
  • Increased burnout 
  • The rising mental health crisis among students and residents 

Leaders should embrace strategies that can improve the future of healthcare. The Reshaping Medical Education in a Post-Pandemic World eBook emphasizes:  

  • Sharing best practices, taking advantage of telemedicine, creating a comprehensive competency language, and supporting rising healthcare practitioners are other strategies for improving healthcare. 
  • Destigmatizing mental health issues and equipping medical staff to recognize and manage them is essential to the wellbeing of students and residents. 
  • Collaborating with national leaders and deploying standards for medical schools and training programs to follow can help refine expectations for optimal education and patient care. 

Download the Reshaping Medical Education in a Post-Pandemic World eBook and explore these issues and recommendations to prepare your organization for the changing nature of UME and GME programs.  


Download the eBook now. 

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